A Purpose Driven Brand Today – A Loyal Community Tomorrow

When you’re living in the 21st century and trying to survive an ongoing pandemic, you’re bound to have a purpose that keeps you sane and keeps you going on most days. While your purpose might be to dance your worries away, your neighbour’s purpose might be to get you turn down your music while you’re dancing. Therefore, just like two different people are looking to serve two different purposes, similarly, different brands strive to serve different purposes.

But what exactly is a brand purpose? Well, a brand purpose is anything that gives your brand the reason to exist beyond making profits. It adds value to the lives of the customers, employees, stakeholders and ultimately, society. It is something that differentiates your brand from your competitors and is the very reason that makes your customers keep coming back to you. A strong brand purpose sends out a message that you’re passionate about a certain issue and are ready to give it everything you have.

Today, when people buy a product or a service, they don’t just compare prices and packaging. They go with the brand that speaks to them – the brand they find an emotional connection with. When customers are successfully connected with you on a personal level, they happen to tell their friends and families about it. They sing your praises everywhere and put you on a pedestal. Moreover, consumers today have become more conscious of their purchases. They want brands to use their influence to bring about a positive change either to their own lives or the social, ecological or political environments around them.

While coming up with a brand purpose, it is necessary to link it to your brand’s product/service offering. No brand purpose can exist in theory alone. Ariel’ #ShareThe Load campaign is an apt representation of the same. Their purpose was to end gender inequality at homes. With this campaign, they flawlessly communicated Ariel’s USP of removing the toughest stains while simultaneously depicting its easy-to-use nature that can make anyone take up the responsibility of doing laundry.

Talking about anyone being able do it brings us to Nike. When Nike says “Just Do It”, it fulfils its purpose of “Breaking Barriers”. It asks people to believe in themselves and take that first step towards fitness, regardless of gender, age, body type or skin colour. Through the power of sport, Nike hopes to bring out the best in everyone. Well, their ad campaigns definitely reflect that they are Da Da D(o)ing It right!

Therefore, when your brand gleams with authenticity and is purpose-driven, it gives your customers something to think about. They don’t just choose you; they choose to share their most intimate selves with you!