About Creatoons

We don't just build brands, we build relationships

We are a Branding Studio with just the right amount of insanity. We like to go all out for taking your branding game up a notch. We know your branding requirements and our holistic strategies, designs and consulting services allow us to give your brand the perfect soothing voice. The Toons also promise their undivided attention to every client, or as we like to call them, our business partners. We know how to make a connection with the right customers and yes, it goes as deep as the connection that Granny has with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Lola, Sylvester and Tag!

With your brand in our hands, you don’t have to worry about anything – because we know how to let your brand do all the talking!

Meet the Toons

What happens when a right-handed creative mastermind works with a left-handed business genius?


Dharini Shah

Creative Director

[email protected]

A true extrovert at heart, Dharini brings her A game to the table when it comes to creativity. She has a solution to all your whys, whats, whens, ifs and hows, making sure to bring a fresh perspective to all your branding needs.


Priya Bothra

Brand Strategist

[email protected]

Priya loves coffee as much as she loves her work. She uses creative strategy and design to help people and organizations understand their unique purpose and value, and create innovative experiences for their audiences.

While one’s Captain America, the other’s Iron Man, and we all know they’re the Endgame. One’s crazy complements the other’s calm; one’s mind is in perfect sync with the other’s heart. Well, that’s how when they work together, the outcome is always a beautiful piece of art. 

These toons complete each other like Doraemon completes Nobita. With a pocket full of gadgets and their minds full of tricks, together they make the most amazing fit!