Kickstart(up) your branding today

When you think of a brand, you don’t just think of the logo or the colours that it is made of. You think of the experiences you’ve had with the brand; you think of its advertisements that have stayed with you and you think of the emotions that it has made you feel. So, branding is a subject deeper than the depths of the ocean and it certainly goes beyond the graphical part of it.

A new entrepreneur entering the crowded market is either trying to figure out a way to generate demand for an entirely new product or is trying to make an already existing product stand out among its counterparts. Therefore, in the beginning, they don’t pay much heed to devise a proper branding strategy for their stakeholders. Startups need to understand that branding is as important as their offering, perhaps even more so. The notion of “we’ll figure it out later” or “dekha jaayega” is one of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make and eventually fall prey to shabby branding strategies.

To avoid these situations, here’s how you can get started with startup branding:

  • A little procrastination can cause a lot of harm

Having confidence in your product is a good thing, but having too much confidence might put you behind in your game. Don’t wait for the product to do all the talking. Start by promoting it to your prospective customers and industry experts. Try to endorse the feeling that your product is offering. Communicate the value that it adds to people’s lives. Before launching, invest more time in discovering the what, why, where, when, whom and how of the brand. Make your brand emotionally available, and watch the physical availability rise.

  • Go beyond the visual identity

Yes, your visual identity is important – that’s how your customers differentiate you from other brands. Make sure that the logo, its design, colours and typography are in sync with your brand personality and leave an impact in the mind of the customers. But, while you are at it, also make sure to define your brand purpose. Single out the insight you’re working on. Tell a compelling story that gives meaning to your brand’s identity. Make sure that story lives through the product you’re trying to sell. Because after all, ‘logo kya kahega’ is as important as ‘log kya samjhenge’.

  • Remember that financial spends on branding are investments, not expenses

Successful branding today will lead your brand to have a loyal customer base tomorrow. So, start investing in creating a rich brand experience. Be it conducting events, paid collaborations or TV commercials. Keep the emotional connection and brand proposition the focal point, always. Pay attention to what your print ads, brochures and other brand collaterals are conveying. Make sure your brand personality is highlighted in every step. Also, in this digital age, it is essential to have a strong social media presence – a classic tool to attract more customers especially the millennials. Make sure to hire agencies and marketing geeks, they will always have great branding leads.