Telling your brand story, selling your brand purpose

We have all grown up hearing tales – of princes and princesses, magic and power, love and betrayal. Heck, we are living a tale ourselves. That is what gives our lives meaning, right? The roller coaster ride of emotions. Well, it’s kind of the same thing for brands.

To develop a deep bond with the customers, brands today need to tell a compelling story. A story with characters, insights, costumes, music, twists and turns and a climax. For this, a brand must define its purpose. When you have a brand purpose in mind, you’re describing the ‘why’ of your brand – the very idea that brought the brand into existence and the values its existence adds to society. So, it basically means using a narrative that combines facts and your mission and helps you establish an emotional connection with your audience.


Remember, your customers have a plethora of options to choose from. You have to give them one good reason that makes you stand out from the crowd. Technological advancements have opened gates for smart content marketing. Customers are overloaded with information, and they come across a new brand every single day. So, in this overpopulated market, how will they remember you? How will they differentiate you and choose you? The answers lie in the message that your brand story sends out. No two brands will have the same story, so you have to make sure to evoke an emotion that makes the customers’ belief in your brand stronger with each passing day.


A brand is a reflection of ‘you’ and your personal values. It is a sum total of all your life occurrences. When you successfully combine your experiences and values, what you get is an authentic brand representation. Use that to create the feeling of ‘us’. Make your customers feel included and cared for. Focus on building a community with shared values. And just like that, your story will become their story – a narrative that they resonate with and are willing to be a part of. Concentrate on building your story and watch your community build itself.


Show your customers how you’re taking action in solving a bigger problem. Show them the impactful steps you’ve taken and the lengths you’re ready to go to for bringing about a change. When people get to know your brand is not just here to make profits, but to transform their lives, you establish an unbreakable connection. Make your customers believe that you care and make sure that you’re always there.

Take Dove, for example. Dove has always woven their story around ‘real beauty’. Through its ads and campaigns, Dove strikes a dialogue about women and their self-image. They believe each woman is beautiful as she is, and they don’t need to conform to society’s perception of beauty. Their latest #StopTheBeautyTest campaign is a remarkable milestone in this journey. By emphasizing conversations that happen during the pre-wedding practices, they show how a woman’s worth is brought down to just outer appearances. Dove encourages to stop this stupid beauty test and let women define beauty on their own terms.