Tattva App

Tattva App

User Research, Concept development, Screenflow, Wireframing, Visual Strategy, UI Design, Copywriting

Tattva is an application dedicated to individuals who want to be dedicated to meditation. Inspired by the five basic elements namely fire, air, water, earth and space, this app aims to make the lives of people easier and calmer by helping them achieve higher levels of consciousness and spiritual fulfilment. 

The basic four sections of the app included the home screen with information on upcoming webinars and workshops; the audio section with four divisions which are Tattvas and Elements, Guided Meditation, Short Prayers and Affirmations; the wallpaper section with easily downloadable and shareable wallpapers based on each of the five tattvas; and the blog with easy-to-read articles for the user. We made sure that the app is extremely user-friendly because we know Om Om Om Om bolne pe Jadoo ho sakta hai!


Anamika Rana

I loved working with Creatoons on my Tattva App, they invested enough time to understand the requirements for the app. Based on that, they came up with ideas and suggestions that helped in making the app extremely user-friendly. So, if you’re looking for branding professionals to understand you and your brand clearly, Creatoons is definitely a go-to.