The Aim of getting the Name Right!

Introduce yourself.
“Hi, my name is….”
Have you ever heard anyone introduce themselves by saying, “Hi, I am ambidextrous and don’t like the colour brown, and I just cannot stand broccoli? ?” Well, we haven’t!
Names are important. Some names can be downright confusing or even unfortunately embarrassing (we feel deeply sorry for that). Your name reflects an important part of who you are, and more so for a brand because naming ourselves was not in our hands but naming our brand sure is. So get it right!

Brand nomenclature can be said to be the most important aspect of branding because it all starts and sticks with a name. If people don’t remember your brand’s name or if it is too difficult to pronounce or spell, you may as well bid a doomed goodbye to all the publicity and brand recall you could have gotten.

Perfection is a myth but getting something right isn’t. Here’s how you can check if you’ve got your name right or how you can make sure you do!

Keep it Clear and Concise
If your name is too long or complicated to pronounce, it will definitely be remembered but never spoken of! People don’t want to appear dumb by mispronouncing the name of a brand, and thus they will avoid it. Complicated and easily forgettable names drastically decrease your WOM (Word of mouth) and overall publicity. We wouldn’t want that now, do we?

Create a connection
Your brand name has to mean something to the audience, but above all, it should mean something to you. Your brand is yours first, and if you do not feel a connection with the brand name yourself, don’t expect the audience to build one anytime! You can’t name your brand something random just because you like it or has a personal meaning to you. The name should be understood by you and the audience you intend to connect with.

Concoct something Catchy
Your brand name should be like someone we would take a second look at, and then a third and a fourth and so on because we just can’t keep our eyes off them. It should be interesting enough not just to catch the audience’s attention but retain it. When your brand name is catchy, it catches on with people and sure goes a long way!

Contrive something Creative
There are a myriad of brands out there in the market, which means a myriad of brand names that are all different and unique and whatnot. Yet, it falls on you to contrive a name that is interesting to hear, to pronounce, to see and ultimately, to buy. Take your time in getting the name right and making it innovative to distinguish yourself from the rest if you truly believe your brand is one of a kind or if you want it to be.

Like we said earlier, it all starts with a name, but it could start with a SMILE (technique) too, which are the five qualities of a super sticky name- Suggestive, Meaningful, Imagery, Legs and Emotional, more about which you can learn from the awesome book written by Alexandra Watkins named ‘Hello! My name is Awesome’. But if nothing strikes a chord, we are always ready with our swords (metaphor for pens, mind you!) to pen down the perfect name to resonate with you and your brand! Drop us a mail and send in your requirements and let’s connect over a coffee and concoct a name that fits your brand like a snug little glove!