Bare Body Essentials

Bare body essential

Content Creation, Event Marketing, Messaging, Copywriting

Bare Body Essentials, we believe that you deserve love & care in every way possible. We’re a self-care brand that resonates the needs of modern individuals for whom beauty isn’t a universal standard to be met but an attitude to be adorned. They provide methodologically researched and thoroughly tested products for every concern of the body to nurture the confidence that everyone carries within them!

Understanding their importance for self-love upheld with confidence, we curated their e-commerce, social media & website content accordingly. We worked on their social media strategy by redesigning their grids according to the social media calendar that we curated for them.  From working with them for influencer and celebrity ad content to shaping their brand story and event branding, the whole experience was an absolute buzz for us that we could never get enough of!