Rainbow Collective

Rainbow Collective

Rebranding Strategy, Brand design, Visual Identity, Brand Collaterals, Copywriting

Previously known as Rainbow Collections, this home-grown label was re-launched as Rainbow Collective in Bangalore. Started by an enterprising mother-daughter duo, this brand is everything that the Indian culture represents – liveliness, beauty and togetherness.

To position Rainbow Collective as a go-to traditional fashion brand, the circular logo design included petals below a rainbow conveying the richness and vibrancy of our heritage – woven together. Keeping in mind the royalty that the brand needed to portray, the collateral materials and brand tone made sure that the wearers of this brand felt like they’re being addressed to as ‘Your Highness’ and nothing less! 


Divya Duggal

I am very grateful to Creatoons for helping me revamp Rainbow Collective – my designer store. From logo designing to social media presence, everything was very well planned and executed. They have done a remarkable job and I will surely recommend Creatoons to anyone looking for the abovementioned services.